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Porn Star, Taylor Jackson, Films Scene While Driving Tesla on Autopilot, Sparking New Distracted Driving Concerns

Porn Star - Taylor Jackson - Tesla Autopilot - Distracted Driving - Miami Car Accident Attorneys

With the invention of cars with autopilot features, it was only a matter of time before someone filmed a porn in a self-driving car. Recently, adult film star, Taylor Jackson, and her boyfriend uploaded a film to PornHub that shows the couple having sex in the front seat of a Tesla Model S driving on autopilot. The Tesla self-driving system is described as semi-autonomous and according to the company, “is intended for use with a fully attentive driver, who has their hands on the wheel and is prepared to take over at any time.” Tesla’s instructions did not prevent Ms. Jackson...

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Calculating Pain and Suffering After an Auto Accident in Florida

Calculating Pain and Suffering After an Auto Accident in Florida - Miami Traffic Accident Attorney

Traffic accidents often lead to injuries. Injuries almost always lead to pain. Pain is pretty much the definition – or at least one definition – of suffering. Would it make sense that you could recover damages for the medical bills for your traffic-accident injury, but not for the pain and suffering that accompany that injury? It is difficult to put a monetary value on pain and suffering, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recover damages for it. In fact, Florida law explicitly endorses the recovery of damages for pain and suffering as a result of injuries incurred in an accident...

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Can You Sue After Suffering a Workplace Injury?

Can You Sue After Suffering a Workplace Injury - Miami Personal Injury Attorney

Under normal circumstances, an employee injured on the job in Florida cannot sue the employer for damages. Workplace injuries are covered by workers’ compensation, and that is normally the only compensation available to the employee. Workers' compensation is intended to limit employer liability while also giving injured employees guaranteed levels of compensation without having to sue their employer to receive compensation.  Workers' compensation law provides a recovery schedule that gives a degree of certainty as to what you will receive for a particular injury at work, as it sets forth an amount of damages allowable for each particular kind of...

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The Truck Driver Shortage Puts Everyone at Risk

The Truck Driver Shortage Puts Everyone at Risk - Miami Truck Accident Attorney

Despite the fact that truck-driving jobs can now pay well above the median household income, America has a truck driver shortage. The demand for drivers versus the supply of drivers indicates that the country needs about 51,000 more drivers. The shortage is leading to a number of issues. Too few drivers result in longer shipping times and higher costs. With the growing amount of commerce coming through online merchants such as Amazon, the declining ability to ship products via road is coinciding with a growing demand to do exactly that. The result can be delayed deliveries and higher costs. But...

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Should You Settle After Your Car Accident Case?

Should You Settle After Your Car Accident Case - Miami Personal Injury Attorney

Miami Car Accident Attorney - If you have been injured in a traffic accident and the other driver is at fault, like night follows day, you will receive a settlement offer from the other driver’s insurance company in short order. It might cover your property damages – damages to your car, most commonly – but it might not. It might cover your medical costs, but it might not. It might cover your lost wages from the time you had to take off from work as a result of the accident, but it might not. If you are a betting person,...

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Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries

Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries - Miami Personal Injury Attorney

A spinal cord injury refers to an injury, generally caused by trauma, that results in a loss of spinal cord function. That loss of function isn't always severe and lasting. A spinal cord bruise, for instance, is painful but will typically heal in a relatively short period of time and not result in permanent damage. However, many spinal cord injuries do result in a loss of feeling in a part of your body, or even the loss of the ability to move part of your body. Paralysis, this kind of loss of movement, while directly related to spinal cord injury,...

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March is Traumatic Brain Injury Month

Miami Brain Injury Attorney - Miami Personal Injury Attorney

Miami Brain Injury Attorney - Traumatic brain injuries are a serious potential consequence of accidents. For more than 30 years, the Brain Injury Association of American has staged Brain Injury Awareness Month every March to help educate the public about brain injuries, with the intent to: Destigmatize brain injuries Empower survivors of brain injuries and those who care for them Promote the array of support available for people who have brain injuries The nationwide campaigfn is intended to draw attention to the struggles that often face the more than 2.5 million people who go to U.S. emergency rooms every year with...

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Ask a Miami Car Accident Attorney: Florida PIP Basics

Ask a Miami Car Accident Attorney - Florida PIP Basics

Miami Car Accident Attorney - Florida is one of only a few states that requires drivers to carry no-fault auto insurance known as personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. The minimum required insurance coverage in Florida, PIP provides a basic level of minimum coverage for personal injuries and property damage liability. Even among states that require some form of PIP, Florida’s PIP mandate is one-of-a-kind. It is important to understand the basics of PIP coverage if you plan to drive in Florida using only PIP coverage. PIP is Basic Medical Coverage at Low Cost [caption id="attachment_5060" align="alignright" width="300"] Ask a Miami Car Accident...

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Boating Safety is No Accident

Boating Safety is No Accident - Boating Accident Attorney In Miami

Boating Accident Attorney In Miami - While Americans have a longstanding love affair with water, there are few places this is truer than in Florida. Of the nearly 13 million registered boats in the United States in 2016, nearly 1 million of them were in Florida. That means that Florida has almost as many boat registrations as California, the state with the greatest number of registered boats with half the population. Throw in the fact that Florida doesn’t require registration for many boats, including smaller, non-motorized boats, and there are a lot of boats in Florida. Florida is better than...

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How Much Will I Recover for My Car Accident Case?

Miami Car Accident Lawyer - How Much Will I Recover for My Car Accident Case

Miami Car Accident Lawyer - You got hurt in a traffic accident. The accident wasn’t your fault, but you still got hurt, and the bills are real. You didn't suffer catastrophic injuries, but your injuries could last a while and require continued treatment. Your car is a tangled mess in a junkyard somewhere. You've already missed a week of work, and your doctor tells you it could be two or three more weeks before you can return to work The cost of prescriptions for painkillers, antibiotics and other medications prescribed as a result of your injuries is mounting quickly. You're...

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